Halloween Seasonal: Frightfully Fun Halloween Pail

$ 44.99

An eerie fog rolls in and the full moon is on the rise—the mood has been set for a spooky surprise! Then the puppies arrive all dressed up and ready to play for Halloween. A plush pug faced puppy dressed in disguise delivers a spooky surprise pail filled with Halloween treats!  Great treat to prep them for a night of trick-or-treating! A real Halloween Party in a Pail! 

This gift includes:

Halloween pumpkin pail
Halloween  Pumpkin stencils with pumpkin carver
Marshmallow pumpkin Peeps
Silly String
Spooky stories & sounds Halloween Cd
Halloween Glow Bracelets/ Necklaces
Halloween flashlight
Peanut Butter pumpkins
2-marshmallow eyeballs
Witches Warts candies
Halloween bats pretzels
M & M's Milk Chocolate
Reese's Pieces
Pumpkin ball and cup game
Trick or Treat plush puppy (Puppies are dressed for Halloween in an assortment of costumes.)
Rice Krispie treats
Halloween sucker
Halloween microwave popcorn
Comes with a Frightfully Fun Halloween bow