Healthy Choices Deluxe Care package

$ 48.99

We all want them to make Healthy Choices. But life being what it is we know that does not always happen. So why not send them a care package filled with down home healthy goodness? Our  Healthy Choices Deluxe Care package is filled to the brim with delicious yet healthy choices to help keep them on track.

This gift includes:

2-Ritz Bitz cheese filled crackers
Quaker caramel rice snacks
Davidson's Sunflower seeds
Low fat animal crackers
2-Snyder low fat pretzels
Bumble bee chicken Salad with water crackers
Tropical trail mix
Planters roasted peanuts
2-Grandmas cookies
2 Sun maid Raisins boxes
4-Nutri Grain granola bars
Chef Boyardee raviolis
Campbell's Chicken Noodle soup